Mugabe threatens Mujuru with arrest over corruption
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Mugabe threatens Mujuru with arrest over corruption

UNDER fire vice president Joice Mujuru could end up in prison over a plethora of alleged crimes, ranging from corruption, extortion to outright treason, the highest office in the land has warned.

President Robert Mugabe issued the stark warning to his deputy while addressing his Zanu PF party’s 6th elective congress in Harare on Thursday.

Mujuru, seen as frontrunner to take over from Zimbabwe’s only leader since majority rule from Britain 34 year ago, fell out of favour after the revelation of a sinister plot to oust the veteran leader by force was unearthed.

Mugabe, at his belligerent best Thursday, let rip and directly called his second-in-command a thief.

“We banned no one from this gathering it is our congress and they were welcome but they just decided not to pitch up like thieves,” he said.

“It is the behaviour of thieves. We would have loved to see them here with us so that they present themselves to you and explain their actions.”

He said those implicated in corruption and treason would be arrested.

“We want evidence and, with the knowledge that we have now that I think would fill a lot of books when written, some people will be arrested.

“It does not matter that one is a minister or civil servant; we will fire them and hand them over to the police. Give us the evidence and we will act,” said Mugabe.

Mujuru has not appeared at the congress along with her biggest supporters, party secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa, Labour Minister Nicholas Goche, at least nine provincial chairmen and expelled former party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo.

The vice president and her lieutenants stand accused of cobbling up an elaborate plot that Mugabe claims including seeking “to shoot me”.

“This is what it came to; that people wanted power and were prepared to kill for it,” he said.

“They were collaborating with elements in the MDC-T with promises of funds from their western handlers who had seen an opportunity to have a go at Zanu PF.

“We are happy that we unearthed this plot before time. We are indebted to you for staying vigilant and using constitutional means to remove the dirt in your midst, that is what we wanted and keenly watched out for.


“You kept the information that you had and we began to listen as well as watch their activities once we were made aware that there were secret meetings that included cabinet ministers and chairpersons.

He then thanked his wife Grace for revealing the intimate details of Mujuru and her faction’s illicit activities and the plans to topple him unconstitutionally.

Mugabe said Mujuru and her acolytes had betrayed the mandate given to them by the party, particularly following the 2004 congress where the former Mashonaland Central governor was elevated to the party’s communist style presidium.

“Women gave us this woman called Joice Mujuru and we agreed to affirmative action to empower women.

“She was supposed to push the cause of women but instead tried to remove the president… baba wemusha….aaah. We have shocking details, some information that you all do not know,” he said.

Mujuru has been engaged in a war of attrition with the party’s legal supremo and Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa to succeed Mugabe.

Mnangagwa is credited with persuading Grace Mugabe to join politics full-time and to take charge of the Women’s League.

The move was seen by political watchers as aimed at crushing Mujuru and her powerbase and seemed to have worked as the Zanu PF second secretary has effectively been “baby dumped” as demanded by the First Lady in the run-up to the congress.
The unrelenting attacks on the vice president now seem aimed at forcing her to resign which seems highly likely by each passing day.

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