Mugabe told to come home and deal with floods
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Mugabe told to come home and deal with floods


THE MDCs have called on President Robert Mugabe to cut short his holiday in the Far East and return home to attend to the flooding crisis that has claimed lives and displaced hundreds of families so far.

The call comes as the state radio confirmed the death of 10 people while the Red Cross said about 800 families had been displaced as a result of the floods occasioned by the incessant rains that have been pounding the country for the past week.

A recent picture of the first family enjoying their festive holiday in Asia caused outrage with the public asking how Mugabe and his family could have fun when the rest of the ordinary people were wallowing in poverty.

The parties also have condemned as insensitive and selfish the attitude such as the one being exhibited by President Mugabe and his regime.

In an interview, MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said in any normal democracy the Head of State would have immediately cut short his holiday in order to attend to the on-going crisis.

He said: “Whilst more than 700 poor people are being ravaged by the floods, Robert Mugabe and his whole extended family are having a nice time in the Far East; a top drawer holiday jamboree that is bankrolled by the near bankrupt government.

“Typical of Mugabe and Zanu-PF, they don’t give a damn about the suffering of ordinary people as long as they themselves are enjoying themselves and living large.”

His sentiments were echoed by MDC Renewal Team spokesperson Jacob Mafume who said the neglect by the ZANU PF government of key duties is palpable and catastrophic.

“The first citizen is out there eating the best the East can offer while his people suffer and die,” said Mafume.

He added: “To make matters worse we have an acting president who is being criticised for acting presidential so he has now withdrawn into his shell and cannot assist the people in a meaningful manner for fear of being accused of wanting to take over power.”

“So the whole country is held hostages to the fears of the first family.”

Floods have hit many parts of the country claiming lives in Mashonaland West province and 1 six year old girl in the Manicaland Province.

According to the Red Cross many households in areas like Mbire, Mukumbura, Muzarabani, Zvimba and other parts of Mashonaland East are in water with the levels rising as rains continue to fall.

Other affected areas include Gokwe in Midlands where 19 houses have reportedly collapsed with many more in danger.

In Chipinge heavy storms continue to pound the catchment area of the Save River and backflows into the tributaries are being reported.

Humanitarian workers say there is urgent need for tents, food, health and hygiene materials and blankets among other necessities.
They called on companies, churches and individuals to partner them in their efforts to stop human suffering. .

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