‘Mugabe will be out by August 31’

Harare – Opposition MDC-T youths on Monday declared they will make sure President Robert Mugabe leaves office by August 31 this year, saying he has failed the country.

Addressing a press conference at the party’s headquarters in Harare after a special executive meeting, MDC-T Youth League national chairperson, Happymore Chidziva, said they had launched #MyZimbabwe campaign to send a message to President Mugabe that he was no longer wanted.

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. File photo: Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi. Credit: AP

“The campaign that we are getting into, we are very clear that by 31 August Robert Mugabe will be done away with. So we are not leaving any room for anything outside that by 31 August this country will no longer be under the leadership of Robert Mugabe,” he said.

Chidziva said the government had breached the social contract that it had with the people by not using the mandate it was given to run the affairs of the country.

“So our campaign is centred around ensuring that the government of the day which has failed dismally to look after the citizens of Zimbabwe should go and we have said that in August, this is the month when we commemorate our heroes, it is a month that reminds us of the history we have gone through as a country where people took up arms to liberate this country from colonial regime.


“And in the same manner, we are using the month of August to launch an onslaught on the regime of Robert Mugabe so that we ensure that the people of Zimbabwe at the end of the day realise their democracy, freedom and equality,” he said.

He said the #MyZimbabwe campaign was a sign of love and patriotism by the youths and was meant to liberate the people from a corrupt Zanu PF government.

“We urge all citizens to embrace the month of heroes, the month of August as a month of action to liberate ourselves from Robert Mugabe. This country will remain ungovernable as long as Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF do not heed the call (to step down).

“We reiterate our call for Robert Mugabe to leave office as he has become tired, clueless and old and can only sleep in meetings instead of steering the ship forward. We are more than convinced that no-matter what, a 92-year-old can never be a face of a nation, he cannot bring anything new and his place can only be in an old people’s home. There is no investment that will come to this country as long as Mugabe remains in charge and for the benefit of many of us who still want to work, we want and demand that Mugabe goes.

The dishing out of residential stands to Zanu PF youths, Chidziva said, was cheap politicking and abuse of state resources to finance party programmes.

“We dismiss with the contempt it deserves the cheap politicking by Zanu PF Youth League and one Saviour Kasukuwere to abuse state land around towns by dishing it out to Zanu PF youth. We note that the abuse of state resources has continued especially under the ambitious Kasukuwere who plundered money in the youth ministry and is now taking his insatiable appetite to the land grab. This land belongs to all of us. We surely will one day make these people account,” he said.-IOL

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