Mujuru family stands by VP
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Mujuru family stands by VP

THE family of Vice-President Joice Mujuru, who lately has been under a barrage of verbal attacks for alleged corruption and plotting to topple President Robert Mugabe, has said it would meet the Zanu PF leader today to register their displeasure at the way she was being treated.images

Family spokesperson, Joel Mujuru, yesterday said they had decided to spring to Mujuru’s defence after it became apparent that the attacks were getting out of hand and compromising her personal security.

Mujuru has been on the receiving end of attacks from Zanu PF apparatchiks since last month when First Lady Grace Mugabe publicly labelled her “a traitor” and demanded her immediate resignation.

“As the Mujuru family, we stand by the VP,” Joel, who is the elder brother of the late Retired General Solomon Mujuru, said.

“It pains us that they are accusing Teurai (VP) of all these allegations. I have known her for a long time. She would never plan to kill President Mugabe. We don’t know why they are terrorising her like this. It pains us a lot.”

The family’s solidarity message came as Zanu PF youths and war veterans were today expected to stage a massive demonstration against the Vice-President in a bid to force her to step down. This came shortly after seven Zanu PF provincial chairpersons perceived to be her allies were kicked out on charges of decampaigning the First Family.

Mujuru, who is believed to be leading a faction to succeed Mugabe, has been under attack from a rival faction led by Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Joel claimed that he had visited Mugabe’s office intending to talk to him, but the veteran leader told him that he would meet him this morning. He said he had also visited the VP at her offices and assured her of the family’s support during her “darkest hour”.

He said that the family was shocked when top Zanu PF officials vilified his late brother Solomon buried at the National Heroes’ Acre, accusing him of being corrupt during his lifetime.

“Where were they before he was buried there? If all that they are saying about him is true, why did they bury him there? I actually didn’t want him to be buried there, but they later persuaded me.
The attacks they are making on Teurai are beginning to tell the story of my brother’s death. I am not saying they killed him, but what is happening today points to that. It shows that everything was planned,” he said.

Joel said his brother’s death had opened avenues for the VP’s enemies to attack her.

“Whatever they say about the VP today, why did they not say it when Solomon was still alive? I am assuring you, Solomon’s death will be revisited even after 20 years. The court told us that he was killed by a fire started by a candle, now they say ‘down with people who burn their husbands’ meaning that they know how Solomon was killed. They are already telling us how he died.

Solomon’s death will be revisited, this is just the beginning,” he charged.

“What we are saying is that, she should continue to serve as VP. Mugabe is a renowned leader, how can the VP, young as she is, kill him? If Mugabe had an issue against her, he should have invited her and asked her than abuse her at meetings.” NEWSDAY


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