Mukanya Fails to Release New Album, Opts for “Hatidi Politics” Single Instead
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Mukanya Fails to Release New Album, Opts for “Hatidi Politics” Single Instead

Chimurenga musician Dr Thomas Mapfumo’s much anticipated album “Dangerzone” might not be available for now after he opted to release a single titled “Hatidi Politics”. The United States-based singer who is lovingly known as Mukanya by his legion of fans failed to honour his promise to release the album before year end.

“The album is ready but only that we decided to give our fans an early Christmas present when we released that single,” Blessing Vava, Dr Mapfumo’s publicist said.

The release date was October 15 but it turned out that the dreadlocked singer had no contract with local record companies.

However, Vava said they released the single first to create hype for the upcoming album due for release in January.

Sources close to the musician said the album was half-backed.

“They have the album but it is not up to standard that’s why they have released the single to test the market,” said the source.

Vava denied the claims saying no one has ever sampled the album.

“Those are lies, no one has ever listened to the album. Claims that the album is sub-standard are not true but we just delayed because of logistical issues,” he said.

The musician has not only failed to release the new album but also shortchanged his fans after failing to return home for good as he had promised last September.

Chimurenga Music Company said they would launch the new album in Harare where the musician would deliver a speech via skype but again it was a non-event.

“Danger Zone” is Mukanya’s latest recording since “Exile” released in 2010.

The Chimurenga music icon last year released a collection of his “Golden Classics” that dominated Mukanya’’s early years in music.

The 69-year-old singer, who is also known by such sobriquets as “Gandanga” and “Hurricane Hugo” last performed in Zimbabwe 10 years ago.


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