‘Mukarwadziwa Neni Hamupore!’ – MDC Spokesperson Lashes Out After Photo Kissing ‘Married Man’ Stirs Up Storm On Social Media

Linda Masarira lashes out

MDC-T Khupe’s spokesperson Linda Masarira has lashed out at social media ‘marriage counselors’ and relationship advisers after coming under fire for dating a  man who is alleged to be ‘married’ to a woman in South Africa

This follows after she updated a photo with her bae on WhatsApp and the rumor mill claimed his wife was furious because the man wanted to take Linda as his second wife.

However Linda was having none of it

When I put up this status at midnight today just before I slept I didn’t know I was going to wake up to a juicy twitter story about me. For the record who I love is my business not yours. I am a proud African woman who is madly in love. Mukarwadziwa neni hamupore.


Was thinking of having a small wedding now I will have a very big one kuti muwane mukana we kuuya kuzoporonga if you can, kana kuzodya muchiita makuhwa. What God has put together no man can put asunder. Good day Zwitters

All of a sudden today most zwitters are marriage counsellors, pastors, lawyers, propagandists, cyber bullying morons, moral officers who have never won the noble peace prize of the best mar-riages. Musarambe varume venyu, hutsvimborume haudzokerwi. Life goes on, Aluta A continua!