Mum Fatally Stabs Drunk Ex

A 28-YEAR-OLD Bulilima woman stabbed her drunken husband to death with a knife at the weekend as she fought to stop him from assaulting her and their three children.The furious husband – from whom she separated last year – had accused her of infidelity before attacking her at around 9PM on Saturday.

Dorris Ngwenya of Tokwana area, who is detained at the Plumtree Police Station, allegedly stabbed Frank Ndlovu, 30, once on the chest while their children aged 10 and two years watched. The couple’s eight month old baby was also in the hut.

After the attack, Ngwenya fled the homestead with her children in the middle of the night and sought refuge at her aunt’s house leaving her husband for dead.

Ndlovu allegedly tried to stab his wife first but they wrestled until she took the knife from him.

Ngwenya, who was arrested on Sunday, said her husband attacked her first and seemed determined to kill her.

She said she retaliated in self defence.


Ngwenya said on the night she fatally stabbed her husband, he had budged into her bedroom hut and threatened to stab their three children.

“On the day of the incident my husband came to my parents’ homestead in the afternoon where I was now living and asked for a hammer. I gave it to him to avoid quarrels.

“He returned drunk around 9PM while I was sleeping with my children. He broke down the door and then threatened to stab me together with the children and falsely accused me of infidelity. He was holding a knife and charged towards me intending to stab me,” said Ngwenya.

She said she fought with her husband until she disarmed him. She then stabbed him.

Ngwenya said at that time all her children were awake and screaming.

She said her husband was still alive when she fled with the children to her aunt’s homestead.

Ngwenya said she moved out of her matrimonial home in December last year and moved back to her parents’ homestead in a neighbouring village as her husband was abusive.

She said her husband did not stop his violent tendencies as he would periodically destroy property at her parents’ homestead.

“My in-laws tried to convince me to go back to my husband but I refused as I couldn’t take the torture anymore. He was always accusing me of infidelity yet he was the one who was having extra marital affairs which were creating conflicts,” said Ngwenya.

Chief Masendu, whose jurisdiction covers the area, confirmed the incident.

“I received a report about a woman from my area who stabbed her husband to death during a fight. I’m currently away so I’m yet to get full details on what transpired. However this is a disturbing incident. Marital problems within families have resulted in several murder incidences in recent years,” he said.

Headman Chitawudze of Tokwana area said the incident occurred at Lulo Village at Lillian Dube’s homestead.

Matabeleland South provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Philani Ndebele, confirmed the incident and said investigations were underway.

Insp Ndebele said Ndlovu died on the spot.

Ngwenya is expected to appear in court today facing a murder charge.