Mujuru to challenge Mugabe in 2018
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Mujuru to challenge Mugabe in 2018

Joice Mujuru who was recently deposed as Vice President

OUSTED former Vice President Joice Mujuru will challenge President Robert Mugabe or whoever will represent Zanu PF in the 2018 general elections.

Sources close to Mujuru said the faction is busy on the ground and nothing will stop them from ensuring Mujuru becomes the legitimate leader of the country following the December coup where she was dumped by the Zanu PF congress.

“We are on the ground and elections are around the corner. We are not out because people will speak through the ballot in the general elections,” said a source.

“We will not leave Zanu PF but we will make sure we fight from within even if it means having two Zanu PF presidential candidates then so be it and people will speak.”

“There is nothing new in having more than two candidates from one political party and let people decide whom they want to lead them.”

The sources also said Mujuru’s silence speaks volumes and should send a clear message to those tormenting her.

“Why do you think Mujuru kept quiet when everyone in Zanu PF was attacking her? This should send a message.”

A few days ago expelled former spokesperson Rugare Gumbo said the Mujuru faction will bounce back and that those writing their political obituaries were dreaming as it was far from over.

In an interview Gumbo, who was expelled from the party on allegations of being part of a clique allegedly led by Mujuru and accused of plotting to kill Mugabe, said this was not their political sunset yet.

He indicated that the ruling party will look for them and when the truth comes out, some people will run for cover.

Gumbo said time will come when someone realizes that all that was said about him and other comrades were lies.


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