Home Crime & Courts Mutsvangwa rape charges : Mensturating victim alleges attacker forced his manhood into her mouth with a blood stained condom

Mutsvangwa rape charges : Mensturating victim alleges attacker forced his manhood into her mouth with a blood stained condom

by reporter263

NEVILLE Mutsvangwa (36) is a gambler and he slept with the 43-year-old woman he is accused of raping in his father’s office, a court heard yesterday.

Neville Mutsvangwa

Neville Mutsvangwa

Neville is the son of Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association chairman, Mr Christopher Mutsvangwa.

The complainant also accused the police of writing things she did not say in her statement.

While testifying in court, the woman said she did not report a rape case but aggravated indecent assault.

“If it was an ordinary intercourse, I would not have reported the matter but he made me suck his dirty manhood the first time,” she said.

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“The second time he made me suck his manhood with a blood stained condom. He ejaculated in my mouth.

“I have no reason to fabricate a case against him because in May, we had pleasurable consensual intercourse in his father’s office.

“He threatened me saying he is untouchable because his father is a top government official evident by pictures of him, the President and some Chinese on the walls”.

The complainant said she gambled together with Neville when they met at the casino.

“When he saw me at the casino he said I look Iike a mermaid and he was going to campaign to win me,” she said.

Neville’s lawyer Mr Harrison Nkomo asked if her behaviour of sleeping with a man the same day they met was not consistent with a prostitute.

“When I met him in May, I had not had sex for a long time and I wanted to sleep with him, I immediately agreed and it was pleasurable, I enjoyed it,” she replied.

“But on this day I could not have consented while on my menstrual period. I promised him that as soon as I complete my period I was going to agree but he became aggressive.”

Mr Nkomo asked if they phoned each other, visited or exchanged gifts and the complainant said they hadn’t.

“We only met at the casino. That was the nature of our relationship.”

Asked why her testimony and her statement are different, the complainant said she is not conversant with English and narrated to the police in Shona.

“Most of the things they wrote are not what I said,” she said.

The court will proceed to an inspection in loco at Mutsvangwa’s office after Mr Nkomo said the door to the office does not open from inside.

Neville is facing two counts of rape and aggravated indecent assault charges.

Prosecuting, Mr George Manokore alleged that on August 8 this year around 6PM, the complainant met Neville and they played casino until 4AM.

The complainant was offered a lift to town and at Harare Sports Club, Neville diverted the route and drove to No. 3 San-Fernando along 5th Street.

Neville allegedly inserted his manhood in the complainant’s mouth and later forced her to undress.

He allegedly raped her and noticed blood because she was menstruating.

Neville allegedly inserted his manhood into her mouth again and forced her to suck it.

He offered her $20 and the complainant rejected it and proceeded to Harare Central police station to report the matter.

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