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Call of Duty :Mzembi Appoints Conrad Mwanza Honorary Diaspora Tourism Ambassador

by reporter263

by TZN Correspondent

TOURISM minister, Walter Mzembi, has appointed Zim Achievers Awards founder, Conrad Mwanza, as Zimbabwe’s Diaspora key representative, adding its a first of few designations he will accord and is looking for more.Conrad

In a letter dated 15 March, Mzembi said he had mandated Mwanza to “help me with various programmes and assignments”.

“Those programmes are diaspora visit home campaign, the UNWTO campaign programme and mobilisation, assist with identifying potential investors to Zimbabwe in the tourism sector, organise events and platforms to market Zimbabwe as a preferred destination for both investment and travel business,” said Mzembi.

Mwanza is a Zimbabwean based in both South Africa and the UK where he founded the Zim Achievers Awards more than five years ago. The programme recognises Zimbabwean diaspora talent in all sectors.

Speaking to theZimbabwenewslive.com, Mzembi said he is scouting for a few more with similar credentials as Mwanza and they are free to express their interest.


“We have no capacity to service to service Diaspora and key source markets on our own and we are scouting for people with passion for the sector and their country”, said Mzembi.

“Those appointed will operate from their own stations although we will network then to our embassies for facilitation and orientation.We will train them and equip them as travel agents cum tour operators.

How  can our country be marketed by foreigners in countries like UK, USA,Australia, RSA etc where we have large concentrations of eloquent diaspora populations”, he added.

Have you got what it takes? Contact Hon Minister Mzembi here 


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