Nelson Chamisa ally stashed the missing $2m in a Namibian bank

MDC Treasurer-General David Coltart is in trouble for demanding an audit into the opposition party’s finances amid reports that at least $1.9 million the party got from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development under the Political Parties Finance Act was embezzled.

The whistle-blowers who are privy to the financial transactions were clear that the sameday the money was deposited into the MDC account, a certain top MDC official asked for his passport which was with the courts and took a flight to do bank deposits in Namibia.

The majority of party leadership especially Vice President Tendai Biti, Vice President Welshman Ncube, deputy national chairperson Job Sikhala, spokesperson Daniel Molokele, Morgen Komichi, Douglas Mwonzora, Elias Mudzuri, Tabitha Khumalo, Vice President Lynette Karenyi-Kore, Lilian Timveous, Zvidzayi, Chinanzvavna and Mpariwa, and others are not happy as the leader who took the cash to Namibia is the same person hiring auditors.

The same leader is using a chunk of the money to crush decent voices in the party. Watch the space as violent attacks of fellow MDC demanding transparency and honest is about to begin members is about to begin

A top leader asked the courts to temporarily give him his passport. Once he was given his passport the next day the gentlemen left for Namibia the money was deposited in Namibia bank accounts.

What we are not sure is whether the leader took the money to Namibia without the blessings of party president.

Mr. Coltart knows the whole saga hence why he is demanding that auditors be brought of else he resigns.

The worrying question is the authenticity of the auditors doing the job.

Other alliance leaders are not happy that the person they suspect to have answers on where the funds are, has taken a leading role in recruiting the auditors.

You will also be aware that under the amended MDC constituion 20% of the money (US$1.7m USD paid was pocketed by the president of the party.

The President (Chamisa) is said to have told the National Executive Council that he will use the money to campaign but so far it has been used for social media data as no touchable campaigns have been in place except for his daily Twitter posts.