Nelson Mandela’s Granddaughter Zoleka Dumps Hubby Of 8 Years

What a very brave decision she has come up with! Zoleka Mandela has revealed that she has left the father of her two kids, Thierry Bashala whom she affectionately called Mr. Bashala.

Zoleka Mandela

She said in an Instagram post: “Leaving someone you once loved, for eight long years feels like it completely unhinges your entire life until you realize that it’s sparked self-discovery, inner peace and has set you on a path of self-love. It’s taken me two years to leave a relationship that no longer serves me, one that has eroded (for far too many years) my self-esteem, independence, my mental and emotional state.

“Over the years, I’ve continued to fall in habit and have tied my sense of worth to things outside of me and placed it in the hands of others. Leaving someone you once loved, reaffirms your strengths, it leaves you feeling more liberated and forces you to look into yourself and to move on even when you’re more comfortable staying in a relationship that (for the worst part) leaves you feeling invisible and undervalued … because you have a fear of abandonment and a fear of being alone.

Zoleka Mandela