Newly Appointed Zimbabwe Deputy Minister Rejects Government Vehicle Worth US$90 000

Newly appointed Sports, Youth Arts and Recreation deputy minister Tinoda Machakaire has rejected a government vehicle allocated to him after his appointment last week, The Anchor has established.

“No thank you,”Machakaire said, refusing to take the vehicl

The vehicle he rejected is a latest top of the range Toyota Land Cruiser V8.

Sources said the deputy minister, who is director of Tinmac Transport and Logistics, said he had enough of those vehicles before suggesting that it could be used in other departments.

“Deputy Ministers appointed in the Cabinet reshuffle were given cars for use, but Tinoda Machakaire who is the deputy Minister of Sports, Youth and Recreation refused to take the car, saying he was okay. He asked the government to use it in other departments that are facing transport shortages,” he said.

Contacted for comment, Machakaire professed ignorance.

“Why are you worried about me having a car, we have several issues we need to deal with as a nation, the youths and the arts sector have  problems that need to be dealt with. Those are issues I am busy liaising with my boss Minister (Kirsty) Coventry to address not to dwell on issues that have nothing to do with development or delivering the  promise,” he said.


He reportedly requested that all Sports, Arts and Recreation Ministry offices should be housed at the same building to allow smooth operations.-Online