Nuns smoking marijuana cause internet furore


In a viral video seen by Harare Live reveals women dressed as nuns called Roman Sisters smoking marijuana.

They are not your usual nuns or Roman Sisters as they a mostly referred to as “Sisters of The Valley”.

These women have formed a cannabis convent which means that they grow marijuana, smoke some and then bottle some for medication.

Sisters of The Valley were popularly known as the “Weed Nuns” and they don’t consider themselves as holy or religious people and they do not have any religious ties at all.

Their sole mission is to empower people to heal themselves using their marijuana products.

According to these “Weed Nuns,” they prepare marijuana-infused oils and medicines and guess what, they sell them online to their main customers all over the world.

“If Jesus were alive today, he would be a cannabis smoker”, they claim.

They also claim to make their products in a spiritual environment and prepare their medications based on the moon cycles.

Watch their videos below;