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Right so the day before party in the park I wanted to go buy all our drinks and my so called friend “Brackia” said don’t worry it’s cheaper to buy at Costco.

I went with her with Tytan and Adrian and used one of my company Visa cards to make the payment. As we didn’t sell all the bottles we returned them to Costco. I gave Tytan my bank card that had made the purchases as any refunds will be paid on the original payment card. Tytan went and picked up Brackia as I was at work and it was her Costco membership.

They both went to Costco to do the return and get my refund( mind you I wasn’t there).  Brackia went to the tills and did the refund and they made an over refund on my card due to an error on their system. Instead of £501 they refunded £2800. Brackia noticed this immediately as the lady did it but didn’t correct her. Instead she rang me from the car pointing out that they had made an over payment “hanzi wangu taita cash” And she went on to ask me to give her a cut. I told her firstly I hadn’t seen any repayment and that it takes 3 days to show and also I will make a repayment to them because I don’t want issues on my main company account.

Whilst she was with Tytan I texted him on the down low the attached screenshot telling him we are not giving her any money and that we will make a repayment to Costco instead. We agreed on this. The next day she texted asking for the money and I told her I hadn’t seen any money. When Costco contacted her she said I should transfer money to her and I refused as I knew her original intentions. Instead I rang Costco see above and I told them I will make time to come see them either this past weekend or next weekend when I have time so they can do a reverse payment on my card. I even requested for their bank details to make payment to them directly.

They said they couldn’t provide that to me. So as far  as I am concerned Costco made its mistake, I have told them when I have time I will pop in and do the reverse transaction. I even recorded my conversation with Costco manager as I knew this would happen. As for Brackia well either she is fame chasing. Or whatever and I am not concerned about her.-Mafar0

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