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Olinda Chapel Ends Her Marriage With Tytan Nkomo

by reporter263

From Wedding Bells To Heartbreaking Farewells: Olinda Chapel’s Shocking Decision To End Her Marriage With Tytan Nkomo

United Kingdom-based Zimbabwean businesswoman, Olinda Chapel, has made a public announcement on her Facebook page regarding the dissolution of her marriage to artist Tytan Nkomo.

In the post, Olinda expressed her reluctance to delve into specific details regarding the matter. However, she emphasized that the decision she made to end her marriage was not an easy one.

On her Facebook page, Olinda wrote:

“It comes with an extremely heavy and broken heart, that I have to announce I am walking away from my marriage. I have loved with my soul and I forgiven so many things that are deemed unforgivable. I will not get into the details that has made me reach this decision. But I want you to know the decision has been a very difficult one. Walking away from both my husband and my best friend.
You fight for your marriage, you don’t fight the person you want to stay married to especially when you are the one in the wrong. I just can’t anymore “

In another post, Olinda wrote:


If you are dating my husband please keep him.

The termination of a marriage is generally not a cause for celebration.

However, certain individuals argue that the conclusion of Olinda Chapel and Tytan Nkomo’s marriage does not come as a surprise, given the significant amount of public disrespect and humiliation that occurred.

Others speculate that Njabulo (Tytan) became weary of Olinda’s controlling and obsessive behaviors, while some suggest that he failed in his responsibility to maintain her fame.

Recently, Olinda stirred up a social media craze with her Facebook post in which she expressed her intention to publicly appreciate all her baby daddies.

In the post, Olinda emphasized the importance of respect stating that her current husband, Tytan Nkomo, must acknowledge and respect the fathers of her children. Additionally, she emphasized that her baby daddies must also show respect towards Tytan as her husband.

The post generated considerable controversy, with a portion of social media users accusing her of showing disrespect towards Tytan, while others criticized her for seeking attention.

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