Olinda in Near Fist Fight in Turkey

Olinda Chapel who quit social media recently was back on Facebook today to confirm that she flew into a rage and confronted one of the social media administrators who had been tormenting her.
She said that when she realised that the keyboard warrior was in front of her, a red mist descended and she was ready for a fist fight. But Olinda said she was held back by her friends who told her that fighting was unbecoming of her. 
She joked that she was only itching for a fight because she knew her friends would hold her back. Olinda said she was in Turkey for a holiday with her daughter and friends and was not involved in any reality show. She also denied that she was angling for a love affair with one Ashford. She said she was into musicians and not social media administrators. Rumours started when she was seen flirting with Ashford. 
Olinda was asked if was romantically involved with a bar owner in the UK. She said she could neither deny or confirm the rumour.