Motorists have been left stranded amid revelations that most fuel service stations in Harare are defying a Government directive on dual pricing of the commodity as they are only accepting United States dollars.

Following the directive by the government to effect dual pricing regime on fuel, an Investigation by the ZBC News crew revealed that most service stations are in complete defiance of the government directive despite these players now able to access foreign currency on the RBZ auction-based system.

A snap survey by ZBC News in Harare confirmed the development with fuel attendants at Zuva service station in Eastlea confirming that they are only accepting payment in US dollars

It was the same scenario at Puma Service Station along Glenara Road with an attempt by the ZBC News crew to redeem fuel coupons purchased before the current pricing model yielding nothing.

This comes at a time when the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority-ZERA has issued a press statement confirming the government’s position in respect of the dual pricing of the precious commodity.

The statement states that fuel charged in local currency should be priced according to the prevailing RBZ foreign currency auction system rate, which means diesel should cost 1.09 US Dollars and 62.77 in Zimbabwe dollars, while petrol is pegged at 1.28 US Dollars and 71.62 in Zimbabwe dollars.

The trend across Harare is that where prices are marked in the local currency the commodity is not available.-zbc