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Passion Java Donates Bed, Blankets To ‘Marabha’

by reporter263

United States-based cleric Passion Java has donated a bed and blankets to comedian Charles “Marabha” Mapalume who has been unwell in recent weeks.

Passion, through his Twabam Foundation, contacted socialite and philanthropist Wanisayi “Mahwindo” Mutandwa of Mahwindo to assess Marabha’s needs after the actor’s plight shared on social media.

On Wednesday, Mahwindo Foundation, under the instruction of Passion, bought and delivered the bed and blankets to Epworth as was promised. Mutandwa said:

My driver went and left the stuff which was bought by Prophet Passion who sent us money to buy Marabha’s blankets and bed after we learnt that he was sleeping on the floor.

We bought him a King Size bed and he welcomed the donation and thanked Prophet Passion for his gesture.

However, the bed could not fit into Marabha’s room and he had to look for a room at his brother’s apartment. Mutandwa added:


The bed failed to fit in his (Marabha) room since it was so big that his brother had to swap rooms with the actor.

It could have been another crisis had Marabha failed to find another room but we are glad that Prophet Passion and Honourable Minister Tinoda Machakaire have pledged to build a new house.

From now onwards, we are now focusing on building Marabha’s new house where he can fit his property.

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