PF’s Edgar Lungu Appears to Be The Most Favorite Zambian Presidential Candidate In Tomorrow’s Polls.

LUSAKA-Patriotic Front secretary general Edgar Lungu appears to be the most favourite presidential candidate to replace the late Zambian leader Michael Sata in tomorrow’s polls.

Various people interviewed by TheZimbabwenewslive in Lusaka are throwing their support behind the outspoken general secretary besides some section of the media’ especially the Post Newspaper which ran a full page editorial labelling Lungu a thief who stole a client’s money in 2009.

The newspaper reported Lungu withdrew the client’s money after representing her in about dispute case. The paper also reports Lungu pleaded guilty and settled the case out of court. However Zambians have vowed to vote him in as the new president.

“The paper is trying to influence the outcome of the vote but let me assure you that Lungu is the preferred candidate in this election'”said Peter Namsambo in Lusaka. “The white man’s job (acting president Guy Scot) is over and he will not be even the vice president to Lungu because he wanted to expel him from the party,” he said.

Another woman who preferred anonymity said Zambians just want continuity from where Data left. “We want continuity and Lungu is the person who knows what Data wanted and where he was taking us to'” she said. With only a few hours before Zambians could cast their votes, the environment is peaceful and it is business as usual in the capital city.