PICTURES : Ginimbi’s manager Ms Shally heartbroken as boyfriend dates Tytan’s ex-girlfriend, nudes leaked

Ginimbi’s former manager Ms Shally was left heartbroken after her boyfriend Hell Commander went on Live Instagram getting a cosy massage from Tytan’s ex-girlfriend Injuzu.

She flaunted her new man last week but today, it has ended in tears.

Hell Commander has since revealed he was never in a relationship with Ginimbi’s manager, Shaleen Nullens, as it was just a contract for publicity.

Ms SHally

Injuzu said Hell Commander was the one who pushed her to go live, ostensibly to send a message to Shaleen that they were not together that way.

Injuzu said she has been speaking to the mbinga for the past two weeks and this weekend they hooked up in a hotel.