Police Raid GMB In Pursuit of Mujuru
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Police Raid GMB In Pursuit of Mujuru

Joice Mujuru who was recently deposed as Vice President

Police have perused documents at the Grain Marketing Board and a company called Dolson Investments as part of investigations into allegations that former Vice President Dr Joice Mujuru used the two firms to execute her corrupt activities. The two firms are among several others linked to  Mujuru that were raided by the police in recent weeks as investigations into the allegations against her intensify.

Mujuru could soon be summoned for questioning on allegations of abuse of office and corruption, with police sources saying a docket implicating her was almost complete.

A team of detectives visited Bulawayo early this month where they also searched some companies as part of the ongoing investigations.

The police sources could not divulge the number of companies raided so far.

The raids come after police were last month issued with warrants by the courts to search companies linked to Dr Mujuru.

Dr Mujuru was recently fired from Government for behaviour inconsistent with the discharge of her duties.

Highly-placed sources at the Harare Magistrates Court confirmed that search warrants for GMB and Dolson were issued to the police recently.

At GMB, the police wanted to look for documents following reports that Dr Mujuru once imported several tonnes of maize from South Africa under unclear circumstances.

“The Dolson company issue involves the chicken import scandal by the former Vice President,” said the police source.

In 2011, Dr Mujuru reportedly directed permanent secretary for Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development Mr Ringson Chitsiko to issue her family business with a permit to import chickens from Brazil against a Government ban.

This was after she had allegedly struck a deal to import chickens from Brazil when she had travelled on Government business.

The permit was issued despite a legal instrument banning the importation of chickens as a way of protecting local farmers.

Some of the chickens were reportedly delivered to the Zimbabwe National Army in an effort to buy their allegiance for her illegal regime change efforts.

The Herald understands that most firms linked to Dr Mujuru have been searched and police have retrieved vital information that could constitute the core of her questioning.

The findings have since been presented to senior police officers at Police General Headquarters in Harare.

Last month, police set up a team of senior detectives to probe firms linked to Dr Mujuru.

Dr Mujuru has been accused of extorting shareholding in companies, demanding 10 percent bribes, illicit dealings in diamonds and gold, attempting to defeat the course of justice, extorting investors, undermining the authority of President Mugabe and seeking to depose the President unconstitutionally.

First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe exposed Dr Mujuru during her “Meet the People Tour” in the second half of last year when she brought to the fore her secret deals that smacked of corruption.

Dr Mujuru allegedly received cash payments from Kenyan and Indian financiers who had invested in a Mujuru family-owned duty-free shop at Harare International Airport before elbowing them out in a manner that bordered on extortion.

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