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Polygamous man in trouble over conjugal rights

by reporter263

HAVING been denied her conjugal rights for three years forced a Nyamajura woman to approach the courts demanding protection from her husband whom she claimed had reconciled with his first wife. Mary Munhuweyi wanted protection so that she returns home after being chased away by her husband, Cuthbert Nyapfumbi.

In her application, Munhuweyi told the court that: “I want to be allowed to go back to my homestead. “My husband is very violent and he assaults me every time I visit the house. Due to his violent behaviour I am residing at Musasa Project.

“When I met Nyapfumbi he told me that he was a divorcee with seven children. “After getting married I started my own things including building my own house.

“The problem came when he attended a funeral and saw his first wife. “Since the first wife came back, my husband never visits my house.

“Instead he became violent and destroyed my house and livestock leaving me with no option, but to approach Musasa Project.”

Nyapfumbi disputed everything and told the court that Munhuweyi left her house saying she was not comfortable with a polygamous relationship.


He said: “When I reconciled with my first wife she told me that she was not comfortable with sharing everything with another woman.

“She is lying that I destroyed her house and livestock. I love her and I eat her food as well as visiting her bedroom.”

However, Mrs Yeukai Chigodora granted the order in favour of Munhuweyi. She also advised Nyapfumbi to perform his duties to both women to avoid conflicts.


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