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Pregnant woman dies at married lover’s place

by reporter263

A MARRIED Dangamvura man’s night-long sex escapade with his pregnant girlfriend on Tuesday in a tuck-shop proved catastrophic after the latter died in mysterious circumstances at his residence. Edina Madondo (30), who was five months pregnant, died at her boyfriend, Farai Muchuweni’s house in Gimboki. Muchuweni’s wife was reportedly in Bocha when the incident happened.

Edina’s body was found in Muchuweni’s room which he also uses as a tuck-shop around 3am. She had blood dripping from her mouth. Edina’s body was taken to Mutare Provincial Hospital for post-mortem.

The incident which sent tongues wagging was the talk of the suburb when The Manica visited the scene on Tuesday morning. Interviewed neighbours and Edina’s relatives suspected foul play, saying Muchuweni’s statements on what really transpired were conflicting and incoherent.

Apparently, when The Manica Post tracked down Muchuweni at Dangamvura Police Station where he had gone to report the matter, he vanished using an alternative door at the police station.

Muchuweni told the police that Edina visited him around 11pm, saying she was not feeling well and wanted to take a nap. She started vomiting and died during the wee hours of Tuesday. He revealed to the police that the pregnancy was his.

Edina’s relatives said Muchuweni visited them around 3am on Tuesday seeking help, saying Edina was sick and needed urgent attention.


“He came to our house around 3am saying Edina was vomiting and struggling to breathe. We quickly rushed to look for a vehicle to ferry her to hospital. We went to Muchuweni’s house hoping to see someone writhing in pain. I was shocked to realise that she had died. Blood which was dripping from her mouth was almost clotting and it looked like she had breathed her last a few hours back, not minutes,” said a visibly distraught Daniel Sigauke, Edina’s family friend.

Sigauke was accompanied by Edina’s siblings and relatives who were battling to come to terms with her untimely death.

“When we asked him about the nature of their relationship, he confirmed that he was indeed in a relationship with Edina, but was dodgy when we quizzed him about the five-month pregnancy. But we still have many unanswered questions. We strongly believe our sister died in the presence of Muchuweni before he came to report to us. We also wonder why police released him so quickly like that,” queried Sigauke.

He added: “We will do our own investigations and ascertain what really transpired. For now we are waiting for the post mortem results.” In separate interviews, Muchuweni’s neighbours, said they heard someone crying in the tuck-shop around 2am.

“The two were lovers for quite some time despite the fact that Muchuweni was married. It is most likely that Muchuweni is responsible for Edina’s pregnancy. We heard someone from the cabin crying, but we thought it was nothing serious. We later learnt that Madondo had died and we are shocked. When we tried to ask him, he could not shed more light on what exactly took place,” said one neighbour who requested anonymity.

“We are worried. No one knows what happened. If there is anything sinister that happened, it will come out. “There is, however, a possibility that Edina died while trying to abort,” said another neighbour.

Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Tavhiringwa Kakohwa, confirmed the incident, saying he was, however, yet to get finer details of the matter.-Manicapost

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