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Prof Chan denied entry into Zimbabwe

by reporter263
Mr Nelson Chamisa’s advisor Professor Stephen Chan

Well-known Government critic and CCC leader Mr Nelson Chamisa’s advisor Professor Stephen Chan was refused entry into the country yesterday after the Department of Immigration said it was not satisfied with his stated reason for visiting.

Prof Chan arrived on a flight from Zambia but was deported by Zimbabwean authorities amid suspicios he was on a mission to train opposition insurgents to destabilise the country during the electoral period.

The academic, who is also a karate sensei and heads the Jindokai Karate and Kobudo Association is said to have been part of a broader plan by the opposition to trigger mayhem if the poll results were not in their favour.

The Herald understands that Prof Chan, through one Paul Danisa of Jindokai Old Hararians, Zimbabwe, recently applied for a visa to be allowed into the country between August 21 to September 4 to train karate.

The development also comes after Zimbabwe Karate President Sensei Joe Rugwete had expressed concern over the matter.

Rugwete has since written to Danisa who had invited Chan.


“I am writing in response to your letter dated 17 August 2023, in which you are seeking clearance of the head of Jindokai Karate and Kobudo Association, Professor Stephen Chan to train karate in Zimbabwe from 21 August 2023.

“Unfortunately, the Zimbabwe National Karate Federation’s treasurer has no record of the 2023 affiliation of Jindokai Old Hararian’s style, instructors, or athletes. The treasurer also does not have proof of payment of the required clearance fee. As such, I regret to inform you that we cannot process.

“The Sports and Recreation Commission, which processes these clearances, requires a minimum of 30 days’ notice, and the four days’ notice you have given is inadequate.

“Nonetheless, should you provide the proof of affiliation to the treasurer as well as completing the usual dearance application form, which we attach. We will forward your application to the Sports and Recreation Commission for guidance.

“Please be advised that all sports tours clearances are granted in terms of Part VI of Statutory Instrument 342 of 1995, so please ensure you comply with these regulations. Please let me know if you have any other questions. I appreciate your understanding of the policies and procedures involved,” he said.

Over the weekend security sources had said the arrival of Prof Chan, a decorated martial artist, had raised eyebrows as it came on the eve of the country’s elections which he had already said would not be free and fair, parroting the opposition’s defeatist line.

Prof Chan is also known as a professor of World Politics at London University, and calls himself an expert in African affairs.

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