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Prophet Magaya faces six murders, over 100 rape cases, plus more :Report

by reporter263
Walter Magaya

IT never rains but pours for embattled PHD leader, Walter Magaya who is now understood to be under investigation for at least six murders and more than 100 rape cases, of which at leave 50 of the victims have approached the police, Zimbo Today.com  reported. Police sources at the Harare Central Police stations where the once- flamboyant “prophet” is reporting as part of his bail conditions, told Zimbo Today.com that the world is fast collapsing on the youthful church leader.

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“So far two murder cases are almost as good as water proof, and there are four others that are being linked to him and his mafia which included very senior people within the country’s security services sector,” the source said. “Apart from the murder cases, he is being investigated for more than 100 rape cases, of which at least 50 victims have some forward… among these are wives of three government ministers… there is also a young man whom he sodomised four times,” the source added.


The source said it is because of these investigations that Magaya—who is supposed to report to the Harare Central Police station three times a week, has been detained for not less that six hours—in some cases for as long as 12 hours—while he is being interrogated by teams from the various police departments handing the various cases that he is facing. The source said virtually all his victims indicated that he used to break them up by fear of the huge snake he showed them. The source said there are indications that Magaya slept with virtually every female usher at his church.


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