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Prophet Magaya Fingered in the Murder of Ex Girlfriend Chipo Chakanyuka

by Lex Vambe


Note: This story is taken in its entirety from a facebook post, thezimbabwenewslive.com could not verify the source and is not responsible for its accuracy!

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YI HAINGASARE YAKADARO… Prophet Magaya murdered Chipo Chakanyuka in cold blood. We knew her, and to those who serve Prophet Magaya it was obvious there was something going on between the two.Chipo didn’t hide her affair especially to friends, fortunately one of her very good friends was close to one of us, and we know about all their sex sessions. The relationship went on for about four months, but when it ended Chipo failed to realise her time was up. She became a real problem to Prophet Magaya, trying to use text messages she had exchanged with Prophet Magaya to get what she had been promised, after the break up she didn’t hide the details of her relationship to Magaya. She confided to her friends how after she fell pregnant with Magaya’s child, he sweet talked her to get rid of the pregnancy. He promised her a house, car, business and education for her children, (she had 2 children of her own). After going through with the abortion ,he started ignoring her and she didn’t get all that she was promised. She wanted everything she was promised and she was willing to fight.

Just before she was sent to Botswana she had an interview with a reporter from The Sunday Mail with the intention of exposing the affair.unbeknown to her ,there is someone within Sunday mail who is on Magaya’s payroll who alerted Magaya that Chipo was trying to expose their affair through the paper. Magaya has eyes and ears everywhere. She had produced text and whatsapp messages as evidence. Magaya being devious as he is ,pretended to Chipo as if he didn’t know he was aware, she had contacted the news paper. Jimmy one of his security personnel from church was sent to tell Chipo that the Prophet had failed to get over her. Chipo was excited and she shared with her close confidants the Prophet’s message. To her it was a reunion but unknown to her, Magaya had reunited with her to silence her for good.


End of September 2014 Chipo was called by Prophet Magaya to come to church. Prophet had already planned her murder in Botswana and with the way Chipo was hurried it seems, the deal had to be done that particular weekend, On the day she left for Botswana we all saw her, she came to church not even aware she was suppose to go on church business. Everthing was planned so fast, there was no time for her to think.Her friends told her not to go, if she was not prepared, but pressure was put on her so much such that she eventually arranged for someone to bring her bag from home. What surprised everyone was that Mai Nyangoni and others, had come to church prepared for the journey except for Chipo. Everyone seemed to know about the trip except her, She was advised that she was going to purchase church uniforms in Botswana and that was the last time we all saw her alive.

Mai Nyangoni is the one who did everything with the help of Pastor Max, Pastor Max is well vexed with Botswana, he knows the police and he knows the Botswana system.He arranged for Chipo to be arrested at the border, and Pastor Max arranged her murder in the cells although no one knows exactly how she was killed. Pst Max is a devious man he once dated a girl called Pamela in PHD harare while he had a pregnant wife in Botswana, Prophet Magaya was aware that Pst Max was married but he did nothing to stop the affair, this has become the order of day in PHD for Prophet Magayas aids to pick girls as they wish and drop them as they wish. They see Magaya doing it.

When news of Chipo’s arrest, reached us, we knew the smuggling gold issue was a lie, because she had never planned for the trip ,she had not packed her bag, and she didn’t want to go.How then could she have carried gold on an unplanned trip? The other people who were with them on the trip said the police were already waiting for her at the border when they arrived, it’s like they knew a Chipo Chakanyuka was coming and they waited for her to arrive and arrest her. Mai Nyangoni was given gold to plant in Chipo’s bag along the journey, one of the girls who pretended to be asleep saw everything and she shared with those she trusted, Mai Nyangoni took the opportunity when Chipo fell asleep and that’s when she put the gold in her bag, Chipo was woken up when they arrived at the boader, unsuspecting she carried her bag.

Mai Nyangoni stole from the ministry by printing her own replica of PHD t-shirts, she sold them for months until she was caught, after sales of real PHD t-shirts had gone down, that’s when it was unearthed that Mai Nyangoni was printing her own t-shirts and she had her own sales team and they would split profits, when she was caught she was told it was fraud.It is suspected that the Prophet must have used this case to make her do this evil deed for him, there is a possibility Mai Nyangoni was told to plant the gold in the bag, have Chipo arrested, but she was not aware Chipo would be murdered. Mai Nyangonis main agenda during the arrest was to get Chipo’s phones and bring them to Prophet Magaya to destroy all the information. Chipo’s phones were in Prophet Magaya’s office for a few days after her death and no one knows what happened to the phones. Prophet Magaya must have destroyed them.

Anyone trying to fight Prophet Magaya I beg you to stop, if anyone knows anyone trying to fight Prophet warn them to stop. Magaya can kill to protect his name and his church.As long as Chief superintendent Majachani is still alive, & still in the police force , I’m pleading you to drop charges against him, the two will team up and kill you and there is nothing your loved ones can do once you are gone. Mai Majachani has used her influence so many times to victimise those fighting Magaya and she is paid good money to do this.

To be continued………………

In memory of Chipo Chakanyuka a young beautiful girl who had all her life ahead of her but it was cut short by Prophet Magaya.You lost your life because of wrong decisions, you were young and foolish but if you had been given a chance to live who knows, you might have changed and become a vessel in the house of the Lord, May your soul rest in peace our sister and friend, the pain that was in your mother’s voice when we came to bury you, no one will forget, we never knew pain could be felt in a voice, her pain touched everyone. Our hope is in those last moments of your life, you sorted your life with Christ and it’s our hope you are in heaven. May the angels in heaven with you look after your children. You will never be forgotten .

Source: Wonder Guchu|Facebook

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