Prophet Magaya’s bodyguard goes beserk, douses children with petrol

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Prophet Magaya’s bodyguard ran amok breaking windows to his rented home before dousing his two children aged one and two with petrol and threatening to set them alight.

Police have launched a manhunt for Billy Sinani 45, for attempting to burn his children as well as malicious damage to property.

Sinani is one of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries Leader’s bodyguard. Sinani is said to have deserted the Waterfalls home for months without taking care of the family, returned home where he was denied conjugal rights several times before accusing his wife Monalisa Gwanzura of infidelity.

The attempted arson case was reported at Waterfalls Police Station — RRB 4390460 while the owner of the house Regis Ginya Munenzwa reported the case of MDP under RRB 439059 “Billy left me for some months and left me to take care of the children at a rented home.

Prophet Magaya's bodyguard Runs Amok...Doses Children With Petrol

“He only returned when the Covid-19 induced lockdown was beginning and he indicated that he wanted out of this marriage and we agreed that we could co-exist under the same roof taking care of our children,” said Monalisa.

She said Sinani took 20 liters of petrol that was in the house and sprinkled the wooden tiles before dousing the children in it threatening to burn the house.

“He used a brick to smash my car’s windows and took my car keys with him. “He also broke windows to the house and another window on his kombi.

Prophet Magaya’s bodyguard Runs Amok…Doses Children With Petrol

“Billy then shouted that police had to leave or die he would burn the house and he drove away,” said Monalisa.

She said the argument began when Billy questioned why she was selling tomatoes in Avondale accusing her of prostitution. “Billy wanted me to suffer with the children. I do not know why. “He then ran amok smashing my car as well as destroying windows to the house.

‘After seeing that police had arrived he then threatened to burn the children and when people dispersed a bit, he drove off “He is switching his phone on and oft she said.

Contacted for comment, Sinani could not reveal his location saying his wife was after tarnishing his image “It is over between me and her.

“This woman has bad friends and I am not the one who destroyed windows or wanted to set the children alight,” said Sinani.

Sinani said he wanted to be allowed to collect his clothes from the house and make his marriage a closed chapter. “I just want my dothes,”he said.

Munenzwa said he would leave no stone unturned to ensure that his house is repaired. “How can he damage my house; he has to face the music and repair my house. ‘They should

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