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Prophet Passion Java Spents R1.3 Million on Booze In Pretoria

by reporter263
Image Credit: Facebook (Passion Java)

Image Credit: Facebook (Passion Java)

Image Credit: Facebook (Passion Java)

Prophet Passion Java is one of Zimbabwe’s flamboyant spiritualists who don’t hesitate to fork out some money from his pocket whenever he wishes to.

Passion Java is currently trending after spending almost R1. 3 million at a bar in Pretoria and many may be wondering what that was all about.

Celebs Now reports that it was Boss Lashaan’s birthday celebration and the party was at the 012 Lifestyle bar in Brooklyn, Pretoria.


Affectionately known as Boss Lashaan’s, Denford Saunyama is the manager of passion Java Records.

In the videos that have gone viral, partygoers are seen pouring litres and litres of expensive champagne over Saunyama while others are dancing in the puddles of fizz.View this post on Instagram

iHarare had reported that the philanthropist’s bill was shared on Facebook and the receipt shows that exactly R1 374 945 was spent on mostly booze.

Passion Java reportedly ordered:

  • 100 bottles of Ace of Spade champagne at R10 000 each
  • 50 bottles of Veuve Rich champagne at R2 000 each
  • 20 bottles of Dom Perignon champagne at R6 000 each
  • 10 300ml cans of Coke at R25 each
  • 3 bottles of Glenfiddich scotch whiskey at R9 500 each
  • Two platters for a combined R1 100

However, Mzansi musician Master KG felt aggrieved after his millionaire friend didn’t invite him at Brooklyn bar to spend the R1.3 million bar bill.

Master KG raised eyebrows when he tagged the Zimbabwean Prophet regarding the R1.3 million bar bill on his Instagram story.

He posted the bill and tagged the prophet captioning his story:

“My millionaire friend @prophetpassion, I hear this is your bill, why you didn’t invite me.”

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