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Prostitution, drugs rife in Bulawayo.. brothels at every corner

by reporter263

PASTORS from Bulawayo have raised concern over the proliferation of brothels in some of the city’s suburbs, which they blamed on the opening of more night clubs which they said were introducing young people to a life of prostitution and drugs.

The pastors have since resolved to block the opening of another night club at Goveya in Matshobana suburb.

The pastors raised their concerns during a meeting they held with Pelandaba-Mpopoma Member of Parliament, Joseph Tshuma, at Inyathi Youth Centre in Mpopoma suburb yesterday.

Tshuma’s constituency covers Mpopoma, Pelandaba, Iminyela, Mabutweni and Matshobana suburbs.

The pastors said Mpopoma suburb was already infested with beer halls, night clubs and shebeens which were too much for a small community.

About 20 pastors representing various Christian denominations including the Brethren in Christ Church, Salvation Army and the Assemblies of God attended the meeting.


The pastors said due to the many night clubs in the suburb, prostitution was on the increase.

They said there was a businessman identified only as Ndazi who was planning to open another night spot in Matshobana suburb, but that would be resisted.

BICC’s Reverend Carlton Ndlovu said as church leaders they were against plans to turn a supermarket at Goveya in Matshobana suburb into a night club.


He said many brothels are sprouting in Mpopoma suburb due to the existing drinking spots.

“We know that there are plans to open a night club at Goveya shopping centre. We don’t want the night club. These night clubs have given birth to brothels that we have here especially in Mpopoma Flats. We’re told some despicable things are being done there. There is some talk that there are gays which we know is very illegal. We know President Mugabe has spoken against gays. As the spiritual oversight of this area we don’t want the brothels,” he said, drawing applause from other pastors.

In response, Cde Tshuma said although development was important, it should not compromise society.

Cde Tshuma said people who have turned their houses into brothels need to be brought to book.

He said due to the emergence of night clubs, some landlords were turning their houses into brothels for “easy money.”

The legislator promised to stand with the pastors in fighting against the opening of the night club.

“We need to stand firm together and say no to another night club. We need to fight the issue of brothels and ensure that those who’ve turned their houses into brothels are brought to book,” said Cde Tshuma.

Kingdom Messengers International Church’s Pastor Gift Mpofu said parenting has become a nightmare due to the night clubs and strip clubs.

He said the law was more favourable to children, making it difficult for parents to impose rules at home.

Another pastor said night clubs were corrupting young people by introducing them to a life of drugs and prostitution.

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