Putin sends aid to rescue Mnangagwa

MOSCOW (TASS) – An aircraft of the Russian Emergencies Ministry will deliver humanitarian aid consisting of sanitizers and personal protective equipment to the Central African Republic, the Republic of the Congo and Zimbabwe, the Russian Emergencies Ministry said in a statement on Friday.

“On September 5, an Ilyushin IL-76 aircraft of the Russian Emergencies Ministry is scheduled to deliver personal protective equipment, medical items and sanitizers as humanitarian aid. Overall, it is about 25 tonnes,” the statement says.

The humanitarian aid will be delivered in accordance with the Russian government’s resolution.

Russia maintains very friendly relations with Zimbabwe, thanks to ties which evolved during the struggle for independence. Since then, it has had a very strong mutual sympathy with and friendly feelings toward the southern African people, government and country.

The Russian government has in the past expressed its readiness to support the endeavours of African countries to develop their economies. Zimbabwe, like many post-colonial nations, is grappling with colonial legacies in terms of ownership of means of production. African resources continue to feed the economies of the West.

Russia has entered into agreements with Zimbabwe as with many other sub-Saharan African countries. In Zimbabwe, the agreements entered into are at various stages of implementation. It should also be noted that most are under Memorandum of Understanding or Agreement documents which are not contracts but a symbol of common good.