RBZ Finally Speaks On Giving Mnangagwa’s Daughter Millions

President Emmerson Mnangagwa and First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa with their daughter Farai and Son-In-Law Gerald Mlotshwa on their wedding

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has furiously denied reports that it was ordered to give President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s daughter US$1 million.

This comes after social media users went into an uproar after self-exiled former cabinet minister and fierce Mnangagwa critic, Professor Jonathan Moyo made the sensational allegations on social media. Professor Moyo used his Twitter account to allege that the central bank was directed to give President Mnangagwa’s daughter Farai Mlotshwa Mnangagwa US$1 million per week for five weeks. He claimed that the order was made on the 19th of February and that Farai Mlotswa was getting the money with no paperwork of any sort by for the transactions.

Writing on social media, Moyo said

Farai Mlotshwa (nee Mnangagwa) was today given USD250K in cash by the “Dealers” Section of @ReserveBankZIM‘s Treasury Division. On 19 February 2020, #RBZ was ordered to pay her USD 5m in tranches of USD 1m over five weeks. There’re (sic) no invoice.

Farai Mlotshwa is the wife of prominent lawyer, Gerald Mlotshwa of Titan Law.   Mlotshwa is the current chair of the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) following his appointment last year.

RBZ Speaks On Giving Mnangagwa's Daughter Millions
RBZ Speaks On Giving Mnangagwa’s Daughter Millions

Unsurprisingly, the allegations resulted in a storm on social media as Zimbabweans blasted the government and President Mnangagwa for their supposed corrupt dealings.


The RBZ finally decided to speak out against the allegations and released a terse statement calling the allegations false news. Using the same Twitter social media platform where the allegations were causing outrage, the central bank said,

Fake News on USD250 000 Cash

The Reserve Bank would like to dismiss the article circulating on social media on USD250 000 as fake news. The Reserve Bank only deals directly with Banks and Bureaux de Change.

Rather surprisingly, they only denied they giving Farai Mnangagwa UD$250 000, but did not deny the bigger allegation that they were ordered to give her US$1 million per week for five weeks.

Moyo then responded to the RBZ’s denial by exposing more details on the central bank’s alleged shady dealings to buttress his claim. Said Moyo,

FAKE DENIAL. It’s known that Shavano & Mawire directed communications to deny, deny & deny some more. Mawire even sought to have staff involved in the Farai Mnangagwa transaction detained but was stopped by security’s Muradzikwa who warned the detention would confirm the deal.

The central bank is yet to respond to the new allegations.