Re-incarnation of PO Box Watsomba

Re-incarnation of PO Box Watsomba

he legacy that  Justin Mhaka, a medical doctor-cum-musician, who is now based in the UK, built is about to re-incarnate.

His 20-year-old Joseph Tinashe Mhaka, popularly known as Druce, is following in his footsteps that he imprintedover half a decade ago with his PO Box Watsomba hit song  that  became an anthem in people’s living rooms.

However, he is  not into medicine and sungura  like his uncle, but he has chosen the hip-hop genre. His debut album is entitled Genuflect.

Mhaka is convinced he will soon be recognised as one of the best in Zim hip-hop.

This is believable as this Churchill High School old boy has participated in every variety show ever hosted at his school,  winning several accolades leading to winning  MC battles corner event at Prince Edward High School in September 2013.

Only last  week, the baby-faced Druce released a scorcher, Don’t Stop, which features Roki Josphats, a former Big Brother Africa  housemate.

Meanwhile, on Saturday Mhaka had a show at the Jameson Hotel’s Beer Engine and he ‘killed’ the crowd.

His manager, Marshal Mckenzie, told this publication that they have a lot of shows lined up.

“We are making a massive breakrough.We have been booked for a couple of shows and I trust that he will deliver,”  said Mckenzie.

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