REVEALED Buyanga Lamborghini Avedantor owner

BUSINESSMAN Frank Buyanga has emerged as the owner of the Lamborghini Avedantor S worth about R7.48m that landed in Harare a fortnight ago.

Last week we reported on the vehicle, whose owner was a mystery then that had been spotted in and around Harare’s northern suburbs including a popular shopping centre.

However, Buyanga turned out to be the owner on Saturday afternoon as he returned from his South Africa base.

H-Metro spotted his crew with the car at the arrivals section at the Robert Mugabe International Airport and moments later Buyanga walked into the Lamborghini Avedantor S and drove off.

Motoring enthusiasts at the airport could be seen taking images and videos of the Avedantor -powered by a V12 engine, produces a 544kW and a 350km/h top speed.Notable features include new four-wheel steering system, significantly enhanced suspension, electronics and customisable driving modes and 0-100km/h in 2.9 seconds.

Lamborghini say the Avedantor S has been developed around a total control concept to provide a superior drive, ride and performance while every aspect of the car’s suspension and electronic systems has been advanced.