Robert Mugabe was a murderer says Chiwenga

Robert Mugabe

Outspoken preacher Apostle Talent Chiwenga said former president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe was murderer but he died so people should not fear death.

Chiwenga was responding to the recent alleged abduction of three MDC Alliance youth leaders who were abducted in Harare and dumped in Bindura.

“We should not fear death, where is Mugabe today ,he is dead everyone knows Mugabe was a murderer but everybody knows Mugabe was a murderer and for those who do not say it are cowards as well,l am not a coward,” he said.

Chiwenga bemoaned lack of unity in Zimbabweans when law enforcement agents abduct people in their eyes.

“No Zimbabwean should be vandalized ,brutalized or assaulted while another Zimbabwean is watching it is high time Zimbabweans should stand up and say let us die together.”


The population of Zimbabwe is more than the police the army and the CIOs combined there is no amount of gun power that can silence the voice of all Zimbabweans and this is because of the divide and rule that the politicians have been using for all these years our people are not united.”

Chiwenga said the abuse of the MDC officials is not justified.

How do u justify the abuse of those three MDC activist simply because they participated in an illegal demonstration does two wrongs make a right, two wrongs do not make a right.”Source – Byo24