Roland Muchegwa: Zim fugitive is top blesser in South Africa: Video, Pictures

Roland Muchegwa, a loaded Zimbabwean tycoon who is popularly known in social circles as Uncle Roland has shut down the internet in South Africa. This is after pictures of him partying with many of South Africa’s finest ladies (commonly known as Slay Queens) have gone viral on social media.

Many people commenting on social media are admiring his ‘ laser-sharp focus’ and ‘wondering’ how such a seemingly elderly gentleman is able to scoop such youthful beauties.

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Uncle Roland clearly regards himself as being young at heart and has built himself a reputation as a party animal and playboy, despite being not so gifted in the looks department.

Check out some of his pictures below with some of South Africa’s finest slay queens.

However, there is a darker side to Uncle Roland as he is alleged to be a wife basher who is on the run from the police in Zimbabwe.

He made headlines for the wrong reasons in 2015 after he allegedly savagely attacked his ex-wife and mother of two Michelle Kawome.  At the time of the assault, Uncle Roland was reported to be terrorizing Michelle and assaulting anyone who tried to date her because he was still bitter that she had dumped him.

-Iharare news