Ronaldo Angers United Teamates With Octopus

Cristiano Ronaldo

Food trouble at Manchester United! The teammates are fed up with Cristiano Ronaldo’s favorite food.

Cristiano Ronaldo is great on the football field. The Portuguese have already scored four times in four games for Manchester United. When it comes to his menu choice, he is not on the same level – at least his fellow players agree.

As the English “Sun” writes, the Portuguese put the Portuguese national dish Bacalhau on the menu. However, the salted cod with eggs was not a hit.

The octopus, beloved by Ronaldo, is also not particularly popular. A source told the newspaper: “Ronaldo loves that. But most of his colleagues don’t make friends with it, even if it obviously works for Ronny!”

In general, the superstar relies on a diet high in eggs and avocados. His teammates prefer to eat pasta, chicken and salad. Eating has been a big issue at the club since he arrived in Manchester.


A few weeks ago, substitute goalkeeper Lee Grant jokingly said that no one would dare to eat anything unhealthy. “There was apple crumble, custard, brownies and things like that. But not a single player touched anything. Everyone sat quietly and one of them asked me: ‘What is Cristiano on his plate?’”