Row as chieftainship is created for Min Mombeshora father

Five chiefs are clashing in Chikomba District as two new chieftainships including that to be presided over by the biological father of Lands and Rural Resettlement Minister Dr Douglas Mombeshora have been created.
The Mirror is reliably informed that a new chief called Maromo was created and Augustine Mombeshora who is the father of the Minister is the new chief. Traditional-leaders
Maromo however, has no area of jurisdiction and several chiefs in the district and in particular the Vahera are afraid that their kingdoms are going to be subdivided to create space for the new chief.
Chief Maromo confirmed that he is the biological father of Mombeshora.
“Yes I am the Minister’s father. Douglas is my youngest son,” said Dr Mombeshora.
The Maromo chieftainship is of the Chikonamombe clan.
The other new chieftainship that has been created is the Kareya and the new chief is Onias Munetsi. Kareya is Headman Muchenje who was elevated to a chief and he is of the Rozvi Clan. He also does not have an area of jurisdiction.
The seven chiefs whose areas can also be affected by the new chiefdoms are Maromo, Kareya, Senator Musarurwa (Enos Masakwa), Chivese (Thomas Makambe), Nyoka (Musafare Matizha), Mutekedza (Andrew Zhakata) Neshangwe (Conellius Dhangwa) and theses are holding meetings to see how the issue can be resolved.
The Mirror is informed that Chikomba District Administrator (DA) Clemence Masawi is proposing that some chiefs, particularly Chief Nyoka and Chief Chivese give away part of their land for the creation of Kareya and Maromo.
Masawi confirmed that chiefs are holding meetings over boundaries but said they are just mere consultations with regards to allocating jurisdictions to the recently installed chiefs.
He said the process of offering boundaries to chiefs could take as long as three years before the final determination is made.
“The Minister of Rural Development, Promotion and Preservation of Natural Culture and Heritage, Abednigo Ncube, has the final say on the chiefs’ respective jurisdictions. It is only that the Government regards chiefs with high esteem that the boundaries cannot be made without letting them know,” said the DA.
Chief Nyoka said he didn’t mind which chief is raised where as long as it did not affect his forefathers’ land.
“We of the Vahera clan, we do not mind which chief is raised where, as long as it does not affect our heritage. What we are fighting for is to protect the land that we know belongs to the Museyamwa tribe,” said Chief Nyoka.
Chief Musarurwa, who is of the Rozvi tribe, refused to comment on the matter.
The chief who regards his position as sacrosanct said, “issues that concern chiefs are sacred and are better left alone lest you call evil spirits upon yourself. Some of these issues are not worth publishing because it is not anyone’s concern but chiefs alone.”
According to a map in the hands of The Mirror, The DA’s proposal of Chief Nyoka’s new boundary is demarcated by the Harare-Masvingo Highway to the West.
However, chiefs are disputing boundaries demarcated by roads which they argue are artificial demarcations. They told The Mirror that chiefs’ boundaries are demarcated by natural land features such as rivers, streams, mountains or distinct vleis (mapani).
Chief Mutekedza argues that in most parts of the western area that is being proposed to be offered to Chief Maromo and Kareya, people are settled according to their tribes, mostly with Museyamwa village heads.
“How then can a Rozvi Chief claim to have jurisdiction over Vahera? How will he perform some traditional rituals with people of clans different from him? If the Rozvis have a small portion of dominion, does it mean that we Vahera should see that they have a bigger potion? (Kana VaRozvi vane nzvimbo diki yokutonga, isu Vahera tingavawedzere here?)”  Chief Mutekedza asked rhetorically.
Chief Mutekedza and Chief Nyoka of the Chiwashira genealogy argued that the areas that are targeted for takeover have graves of their ancestors including revered chiefs. One of the places  is said to have been the headquarters of the chiefdom sometime back.
“When a chief is installed in his own area, his village heads are asked to pay respect to him in the presence of everyone. The same applied during Kareya’s instalment. How then can he leave the village heads that witnessed his instalment and seek subordination from other village heads in another area?” asked Chief Mutekedza.
Chief Mutekedza said that they have named schools and other significant places after some renowned persons of the Vahera descendency who once settled there.
“For instance, Hitler Hunzvi Primary and Secondary Schools were named in honour of the late national hero Hitler Hunzvi of the Shava totem who resided there,” he said.
Chief Mutekedza also argues that the Chiwashira kingdom was originally based in Featherstone before being moved by the colonialists to the present Muzindawamambo in Mutekedza.
He said there is even a farm named Mutegesa in Featherstone area named after Mutekedza after the white colonialists failed to pronounce the Shona name. Chief Chivese refused to comment.
Efforts to get comments from Chiefs Neshangwe and Kareya were fruitless