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Said he raped me but I lied, I wanted civil damages – woman

by Lex Vambe

A BINGA woman told a court her husband forced her to make a false rape report against a neighbour to enable him to claim civil damages at a traditional court, where he was awarded cattle and goats as compensation.

Winnie Ngwenya (23) of Siansise village under chief Siachilaba in Binga made the claims as she sought to withdraw charges against Besai Ngwenya.

She told Regional magistrate, Mrs Dambudzo Malunga that her husband, a soldier who was not named in court, forced her to lie.

“I lied about the rape to protect my marriage after a rumour swept the village that I was having an affair with accused which was not true.

“My husband got wind of it and though he knew it was not true, he ordered me to make a false rape report so that he could claim adultery compensation at the traditional courts. I couldn’t live with the guilt of knowing that I sent someone to jail for a crime he never committed. This is why I’m withdrawing the charges. May the accused and the court forgive me for lying,” she pleaded.

It was revealed that based on the adultery and rape allegations, chief Siachilaba ordered Besai to pay two head of cattle and seven goats to Winnie’s husband as compensation.


The chief ordered Winnie to pay one cow and two goats to her husband.

Malunga warned the woman against making false reports, saying it was a punishable before discharging Besai.

Prosecutor, Mr Tawanda Sigauke had alleged that sometime in March 2016, but at an unknown date and time Besai went to Winnie’s house and passed compliments about her beauty and attractiveness.

“He returned at around 11PM whilst she was asleep and gained entry through an unlocked door. The complainant felt someone was in the room switched on the light to discover the accused sitting beside her bed,” said the prosecutor.

Mr Sigauke said Winnie ran towards the door but she stopped in her tracks when Besai threatened to kill her with an axe and catapult.

“He pushed her onto the bed and raped her once before threatening to kill her if she told anyone,” said Mr Sigauke.-Chronicle

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