Sanyangore claims ‘angels’ descended on his swimming pool

Controversial Pastor Paul Sanyangore is at it again. 

This time the preacher claims ‘angels’ descended on his swimming pool during a prayer and healing session and his followers captured them on camera!

Sanyangore claims ‘angels’ descended on his swimming pool
Sanyangore claims ‘angels’ descended on his swimming pool

Some pictures are already circulating on social networks of the smoke-like “beings” hovering over the heads of people in attendance.

Claims are that three angels visited the pool while he was conducting a healing session leaving people in awe.

The preacher explained the incident to his congregants at Kingstons House recently.

“In one of the days when we started Bethesda, I said people are going to see angels here. I prayed and people began falling and everyone was in a trance.


“When the media guys were going through pictures of the day, they realised that they captured angels on camera,” he said.

The pictures have stirred controversy with some suggesting they could easily have been photo-shopped.

Asked of the controversy surrounding the angels, the preacher said he is aware of the criticism associated with such miracles.

“Angels are real and it is written in the book of Hebrews. Angels are like security, they take care of us. There are two groups of angels, one that is sent to minister to us and another one sent to minister for us,” he said.

“Believe it or not but that is what happened. I know people will say a lot of things but some are getting help there. Several people visit me daily for prayers and healing at the pool. Some have had several problems solved, so it (whether people believe the angels are real or not) is the least of my concerns.

“People will always say what they want and these days it is against the men of God. We have been criticised before and those people who criticise us a lot visit us under the cover of darkness.

“It is not in my power but the power of the one who sent me. I’m human and I cannot do that alone without the power of God,” he said.

Sanyangore is not new to controversy, with the pool which is now being referred to as Bethesda being associated with many stories.

It is the same pool that raised controversy after claims that Sanyangore walked on the water.

The pool has seen several people, including footballers, musicians and other prominent people going there for cleansing and healing.

“For all the doubting Thomases, the doors are always open for them. Come to our church daily and you will have all your questions answered,” he said.

In a radio interview last week, the preacher said he prophesied the outcome of court cases involving CAPS United players Archford Gutu and Method Mwanjali.

Gutu is among footballers who went to the preacher for cleansing and he said there is a video to support the claim.

“It all happened at that pool and the video is there to support it,” he said. H Metro