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Saved By Grace : How Jonathan Moyo Cried To Mugabe’s Wife

by reporter263
Jonathan Moyo

Former Higher Education Minister, Prof Jonathan Moyo has confirmed that he begged former first lady, Grace Mugabe to help him and his family when soldiers moved in.

He told The Standard :”My family and I were with Cde Kasukuwere and his family when his house came under heavy gunfire from Chiwenga’s soldiers.

During that gunfire, I got a call from Amai Dr Grace Mugabe, who knew that my family and I had joined the Kasukuweres earlier in the night and she was checking on us after receiving reports of army shootings at Dr Ignatius Chombo’s house.

When I answered the call, I told her we were under attack, asked for help to rescue the families, especially the children, who were in indescribable disbelief and shock that Chiwenga had sent soldiers to kill them.

Amai Mugabe could hear the heavy and continuous sound of gunfire as I spoke to her and she too became shocked beyond description before hanging up the call.

Some five or so minutes later, she called again and asked me how many we were in the Kasukuwere house.


I told her that Cde Kasukuwere was with his wife and three children while I was with my wife and four children making a total of 11 of us.

Amai Mugabe called again after 10 or so minutes and by this time the gunfire had gone silent and she advised that two Landcruisers, one for each family, were on their way to take us to the Blue Roof, President Mugabe’s residence, where we could leave our terrified families.

When the first Landcruiser arrived, Cde Kasukuwere put on his bulletproof vest and went outside the house and was driven to the Blue Roof.

We waited for Cde Kasukuwere to come back to advise us what was going on outside as we did not know then that he had already gone alone to the Blue Roof but when he did not return, after a little, we all started getting out of the house one by one but fearing that the soldiers were still in the vicinity.

Then the second Landcruiser arrived and the 10 of us quickly jumped in and somehow managed to fit to our great surprise and relief.

Cde Kasukuwere and I left the Blue Roof after our arrival. Getting out of there was not much of an issue, but getting out of the country took the intervention of angels.

Prof Moyo said Mnangagwa as a disaster. “Mnangagwa is an unmitigated disaster. In constitutional terms, he is no better than [Abel] Muzorewa, whose illegal regime was shortlived and is now forgotten as an obscure footnote in history and a constitutional opprobrium.

Just like Muzorewa, Mnangagwa is illegal and supported by the military because he’s unpopular with the masses and is thus unelectable yet he has an exaggerated Muzorewa-like “huruyadzo” mentality.

Mandarins in the coup government know this and that’s why they are currently bent on unprecedented asset-stripping and looting of state resources; they know that they are in an illegal regime with legs made of clay as was Muzorewa’s regime.

What is striking about this is that as it was that Muzorewa emerged just before Zimbabwe’s frst republic ushered in by the critical election in 1980, Mnangagwa has emerged just before the country’s second republic to be ushered in by the critical election in 2018.

In historical terms, this means that we should expect a Muzorewa-like personality, which Mnangagwa is, to preface a critical election and a new republic.

So, like that of Muzorewa, Mnangagwa’s reign will be shortlived and all its unconstitutional appointments and excesses will be reversed.

JM: Well, I don’t know what you mean by “during the coup”. The coup is still on as we speak.

There’s a coup government in Zimbabwe. But no, I did not hide at President Mugabe’s house in the morning of November 15, 2017 when the coup happened.QA

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