See 3 silly things Men love seeing on the streets

You would be surprised at what some men consider exciting to see while hanging out on the street  in the world. Dig in!
Men are complicated. They are usually not so easy to understand (comprehend). Trying to predict them often very difficult, says  girls. But if there are certain things women agree that their men love to see while out of their homes, it’s these three silly ones below:

1.) Exposed under wears:

If men are not excited seeing a huge butt in tight jeans on the streets then seeing a well-endowed woman on a bike (okada) with her jeans, skirt or any other trousers failing to contain her huge behind will do them just fine. The fact that her G-string, thong or any underwear is flashing out from a mile away can cause complete commotion in the market square. Sometimes, guys would gather around her, laughing, mocking or taking pictures of her underwear.

2.) Cleavage show off:

As silly as this may sound,  women claim men love to see exposed cleavage on the street! Whether it’s at a local joint or a classy event, men’s attention is always gotten should a woman’s boobs come spilling out of her body-hugging top/dress. “it’s fascinating to them and some even starts thinking sex immediately,” a lady reader tells us.

3.) Camel toe:


This is the part in between a woman’s legs which shows off whenever she wears a pair of tight legging or very tight pants. The fact that it’s exposed or forms out underneath her leggings or jeggings entices men. It draws their attention real quick and gives them a topic for their little gatherings.

Again, our female readers could be wrong…