Sekeramayi in trouble…..again
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Sekeramayi in trouble…..again

DEFENCE minister, Sydney Sekeramayi, risks ejection from cabinet and the Zanu PF politburo after President Robert Mugabe ordered fresh central committee elections in his Mashonaland East province.
Ahead of last week’s Zanu PF congress, Sekeramayi was politburo member assigned to oversee central committee elections in the province following the ouster of the provincial executive headed by Ray Kaukonde.
Kaukonde, a top local businessman, was accused of being the financier of a plot by vice president Joice Mujuru to “illegally” topple Mugabe or, failing that, assassinate the veteran leader.
On Saturday Mugabe rejected the list of Mashonaland East’s central committee members after claims they were all “Kaukonde’s people”.
“We raised this problem before congress and the irregularities were allowed to go through. But we agreed that we would alert the president himself,” said an official who from Mashonaland East.
“It is now embarrassing because the most senior politburo member, Sekeremayi, did not raise the red flag when we informed him before congress.”

After being alerted to the alleged irregularities on Saturday, Mugabe ordered fresh elections in the province.
“These are the people you gave us but we now here that tadzorera vanhu vaKaukonde (you have retained Kaukonde’s people),” said Mugabe.
“Is this the team you selected? If you say they did not come from you, who then elected them? We will do as you (Mashonaland East delegates) wish by making sure new elections are held.
“We will send a representative to assist you in this matter.”
Sekeremayi was also accused of protecting Kaukonde after the first attempt to boot the businessman out failed.
The minister’s wife was then manhandled by Zanu PF youths at the congress venue and accused of belonging to Mujuru’s camp.
A delegate from the province said Sekeremayi would likely be dumped if fresh elections are conducted.
“Things are not looking good for Sekeremayi who risks losing the election,” he said.
Also at risk are the likes of health minister, David Parirenyatwa, as well as junior ministers Paddy Zhanda and Simbaneuta Mudarikwa.
However, unimpressed delegates to the congress said Mugabe might as well choose whoever he wants to avoid the embarrassment of another re-election if individuals he does not like are returned.
“He (Mugabe) must just nominate the people he wants,” said the official.
“These are the people who won the vote so if Mugabe is ordering another round of elections it means all provinces can raise the same issue and we will have new elections now and again until Mugabe’s people get positions.”

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