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She pulls my privates – man tells court

by reporter263

A HARARE woman is in the habit of pulling her boyfriend’s manhood whenever they have an argument, the civil court has heard.


The matter came to light yesterday when Angeline Mudzvatswa approached magistrate Barbara Mateko seeking a protection order against her boyfriend of four years.

Mudzvatswa told the court she has been co-habiting with Nowel Rambanapasi who has been forcibly taking her salary and spending it.


“He is very abusive and whenever I get paid, he beats me up and takes my salary,” Mudzvatswa said.


The court further heard that Rambanapasi also assaults Mudzvatswa’s child from a previous marriage.

In response, Rambanapasi said he was shocked to hear Mudzvatswa call him a boyfriend and he also denied the accusations saying the latter was the bad apple in the relationship.

“She is lying, actually I am her husband, not her boyfriend as she has claimed and she is the one who beats me up,” Rambanapasi said.

“Whenever she beats me, she pulls my manhood, and at one time she even stabbed me.”

Rambanapasi also told the court that his wife was trying to get a protection order against him because he had taken her to the criminal courts after she infected him with HIV.

“She deliberately infected me with HIV and I reported her, so she is now trying to get back at me.”

The magistrate granted the protection order warning the two not to verbally and physically abuse each other for the next five years.

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