Singer wants to be president of Zimbabwe

WITH 26 albums to his name, Hosiah “Kwachukwachu” Chipanga believes he has through his music done enough to endear himself to the people and now wants to turn his music fans to be the electorate come election time in 2018.

The 64-year-old musician is not looking for anything lower. He wants to start right at the top and believes he has the best brains inspired by his spirituality to take this country forward as a spiritual and political leader – a president.

But is he to be taken seriously? Those that have listened to his music would agree that the musician from Manicaland provincial capital Mutare’s Dangamvura suburb Area 16 to be specific is everything a social commentator is expected to be.

His songs are thought provoking and his truth has no limitations. He is just a free soul.

But do people know his other side? That beneath the voice that provides them with soothing entertainment is a boiling pot of emotions. Emotions born out of the need to see things done in a certain way – his way.

He is jocular both in his songs, in speech and in the practical way he does his things. Yes, he is an entertainer, an artiste and is expected to be such but is everything he says meant to be a joke or to entertain?


In a telephone interview with Sunday Life recently, Chipanga said he was aware that he was often regarded as a lunatic but said if people do not give heed to his “spiritual voice of reason” nothing in this country will move.

He revealed his desire to become a president. Not president of some music union but a national president – to occupy the highest political office in the country and be the pinnacle decision-making authority in the land.

“There was a time I went to the State House with the intention of meeting the President. I respect him and wanted him to allow me to stand as a candidate against him. I, however, couldn’t see him. I still want to see him and talk to him on how I see certain things,” he said.

He confirms he is not educated but yearns to attend the United Nations sessions and other political and economic organs as a statesman. Yes, that is what Chipanga the musician from Manicaland desires to do. He is a bona fide citizen of the land and is empowered by the constitution to have such dreams. But isn’t he dreaming bigger than him?

He has already formed a political party in the form of a church that he calls Mapipi. He is the archbishop of Mapipi which according to him stands for Messiah Apostolic Prophetical Inspired People’s Institution.

He said most of his songs were prophetic.

“I have a Heavenly mission to accomplish, which I have been banking for the past 39 years pinning my hopes on the earthly politicians and church leaders to assist me establish the Kingdom of God here on earth, but to no avail. This leaves me with no option but to take it all by myself if nothing positive comes by the end of the year.

“I have not been taken seriously for the past three decades and I now understand why the Biblical Noah had to build the ark alone. I am facing the same predicament. I will build the ark alone,” said Chipanga.

Interestingly, according to the musician his Government will not have soldiers, for it will be a peaceful country that will never go to war and will not have the headache of purchasing weapons.

“There will be no killing of man by man. Guns will only be seen displayed in the museums and soldiers will be turned into rescuing forces responsible for rescuing people when natural disasters strike. We won’t have a country where the Government buys tablets and bullets because the two are contradictory, the other is to save life and the other is to destroy life,” he added.

Asked if his wife, his five children and other artistes take him seriously, he said he was happy that his wife appreciates him and his children also seem to understand his ideas and his mission. As for other artistes he said they think he was crazy and a potential candidate for Ingutsheni Psychiatric Hospital.

“I think some musicians vanongoti hamenowo anongoimbawo dondo rake uyo, they do not take me seriously,” he said.

He hinted that he was left by his first wife who thought he was mad when he started getting into the music industry and when he shared with her his vision and mission.

He said he did his last album recently which is called Gamba that he said was a dedication to a late national hero. It has four tracks which are Vendor, KwaMarange, Mwari waAbraham and Gamba which is the title track.

The musician said he often dances alone in his videos because they usually do not rehearse the dance routines so it becomes difficult for them to maintain a particular pattern.

His only political history is when he went to Mozambique with the intention of joining the liberation struggle in 1977 but never did as he was arrested and thrown into prison in Chimoio.

He said it was while in prison that he started receiving revelations from the Holy Spirit and he couldn’t sleep for some days.

He then started writing a book on his revelations that he said remained with the late James Chikerema after he was released from prison.

Source – Sunday News