Singer Zizoe Pamyk Applied For Asylum In Liverpool Without Telling fiancée Mai Titi

Zizoe PaMyk has applied for asylum to stay in UK and did not tell Mai TT his plans.

According to reports coming out from close sources Zizoe went to Liverpool and applied for Assylum  and that has been his plan with his sisters from day one.  Zizoe has been trying to go to the UK for years but has not been able to get a Visa, so they hired Mai TT so she could assist him get to the UK.

To make things worse Mai TT has started having issues with Zizoes sister and has had to move out and is now staying with her own relatives. Below is a post from someone with information on the story.

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Looks like Mai TT is having a tough time in the UK with reports of women in the UK boycotting her shows. Reports circulating  on social media are that Mai TT was sent to her cousins house after she started having issues with Zizoes sister. Reports are that Mai TT was not helping with chores and it brought tension and was told to leave.

Another story coming out is that Mai TT and Zizoe had a contract to pretend like they were dating until Zizoe moved to the UK but the two ended up falling for each other. Mai TT has been fighting with her fans and some are calling her rude and not lovable. this resulted in some fans reporting her to the UK home office for working in the UK but not paying taxes.
Reports are also coming that Mai TT had shows scheduled till June and with all the drama on social media some of these shows have been cancelled and she may return to Zimbabwe