Some people would be flushed down the toilet ahead of Congress:Goche
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Some people would be flushed down the toilet ahead of Congress:Goche

Zimbabwe Sugar Milling Industry Workers Union secretary-general Cde Admore Hwarare yesterday confirmed that he met Zanu-PF Politburo member Cde Nicholas Goche who confided in him about a secret plot to assassinate President Mugabe. Cde Hwarare said reports carried by The Herald last week that Cde Goche told him that there would be war in the run-up to the Zanu-PF National People’s Congress scheduled for next week where some people would be flushed down the toilet were true.

He said it was also true that Cde Goche took him aside at a function in Chiredzi and told him that there would be “real war” at the congress that would result in President Mugabe being shot by elements in the Mujuru faction aligned to a plot to oust him.

In an exclusive interview with The Herald here, Cde Hwarare said he was prepared to testify in court to expose the plot to assassinate President Mugabe some few days before next week’s congress.

Cde Hwarare said he met with Minister Goche on September 7 this year at Wild Ox Bar and at Muteri Lodge in Triangle, but said he would not repeat the report by The Herald because it was true.

Cde Goche reportedly told the Politburo last Saturday that he was not in Chiredzi on September 7, claiming that he was last there in March 2014 and has not returned since then.

“The issues which have been reported in the editions of The Herald and The Sunday Mail are true,” said Cde Hwarare.

“I am not the one who brought the matter into the papers, but I was visited by some intelligence personnel whom I told what transpired at the meetings we had with Minister Goche.

“I can confirm meeting the Minister, but it is unfortunate that you now want to ask me about the matter after you have already written about it.”

Cde Goche opened up recently to Cde Hwarare on the sidelines of meetings he held with the officials from the Zimbabwe Sugar Cane Milling Union that war was imminent in Zanu-PF as there would be gunfire and some people would be shot ahead of the congress.

Cde Goche’s utterances, which dovetail with pronouncements by embattled Zanu-PF secretary for administration Cde Didymus Mutasa and deposed spokesperson Rugare Gumbo — who were recorded saying if President Mugabe blocked Vice President Joice Mujuru’s ascendancy he would be shot and deposed the Kabila way — indicate that something ominous was in the offing in Zanu-PF towards the congress.

DRC President Desire Laurent Kabila was deposed by a member of his security team in 2001.

Cde Goche attended the meeting at Wild Ox Club and Mteri Lodge in September where he was appraised of problems afflicting the sugar cane milling union, and on the sidelines of the meeting he told Cde Hwarare that what was taking place in the Zimbabwe Sugar Cane Milling Union was not war at all as “real war” was coming in the run-up to the Zanu-PF congress when guns would be fired and people he didn’t mention would be “flushed down the toilet”.

Vice President Mujuru is the patron of the Zimbabwe Sugar Cane Millers Union. Members of the President’s Office Messrs Muza, Chikanya and Peter Saburi, along with party legislators for Chiredzi East Cdes Denford Masiya and Chiredzi West Darlington Chiwa attended the meeting in September in Chiredzi.

“Yamunayo kuno haisi hondo, real war is coming ahead of Congress. Pfuti dzicharira (what you have here is not war, real war is coming, shots will be fired),” he was quoted as having said.

Last week Cde Goche confirmed the meeting with Cde Hwarare to The Herald, but refuted making the statements about pending war in Zanu-PF.

However, in a development that has raised eyebrows, Cde Goche told the Politburo last Saturday that he was not anywhere in Chiredzi in September, which he incredulously said he last visited in March. Cde Hwarare said he was visited by some intelligence officials last week at which he confidently unmasked the plot which was being crafted by Cde Goche and his allies.

“The Minister brought with him some directors from his ministry, there were some people from the President’s office and members of Parliament from Chiredzi,” he said.

“Why would it be of interest for Hwarare to be the main respondent?

“What I know is what I said, I did not add anything, I just told the intelligence personnel what I heard and listened to during the meeting.”

Last Sunday Cde Goche abandoned his quest for re-election to the Central Committee in the face of mounting allegations that he is part of a sinister agenda against President Mugabe, and signalled that he was either retiring from politics or preparing to create a new political platform to oppose Zanu-PF.(Herald)

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