Songstress Rachel J Breaks Silence

Songstress and businesswoman Rachel Jambaya, affectionately known as Rachel J, who has been quiet for quite some time now, finally decided to break her silence.

The sultry vixen said she has been busy with business projects which will also see other artistes, including the community benefiting, hence her silence.

Just last weekend she donated sanitizers, face masks, and water containers to help fight the spread of Covid-19 in Chiwundura

“I grew up with my grandmother in Chiwundura and I know the community so well. I have handed over face masks, sanitizers, and water containers. I encouraged them to observe the World Health Organisation (WHO) regulations, and as you know some are old folks, but I know the donation will go a long way.”

Rachel J,  has urged the general public to unite and assist their communities, homes, or church, as everyone is grievously affected by the disease.

“The lockdown has been difficult for everyone, but people need to comply in order for everyone to stay safe.”