Soul Jah Love in meltdown?

Dancehall musician Soul Jah Love seems to be going through a melt down as his behaviour off the stage is going beyond merely unruly to outright criminal.jah-luv

In a recorded audio clip in our possession the musician rants as he threatens to kill Star FM presenter Pathisani Sibanda after the presenter called him over the weekend to ask for a live interview.

The “Ndini Uya Uya” hitmaker said he would kill Sibanda because the presenter always expresses negative sentiments about the chanter.

“Unoita basa rekutaura zvisina basa manje pamba pako ndikupaziva and I promise you ukusiya basa gore risati rapera. Unoita basa rekutaura zvisina basa Pathisani manje ndikuda kukuuraya. Ukaona mota yangu pedyo nekumba kwako ibva watotiza zvako. . . (You always say nonsense (about me) but I know where you live and I promise you that you will be out of a job before the end of the year. You speak hogwash Pathisani so I want to kill you. If you see my car in your neighbourhood you had better disappear).”

Under Zimbabwean law it is a crime to threaten someone with death or any other harm and it is also a crime to transmit such threats using public communication systems like phones and the postal service.

Sibanda, who was recording the musician who went on to use totally uncouth language pertaining to the presenter’s relatives, said he is exploring channels for resolving the matter as he feels that Soul Jah Love has crossed the line.

“I will take the issue to the responsible authorities at work first before I take action,” he said.

A source close to Soul Jah Love said the chanter’s behaviour has become increasingly erratic and violent over the past few months with suspicion that he might be on some mind-altering substances.

“He gets to a point where you cannot control him. He becomes a bully to everyone, even the band members,” the source revealed. The source went on to say that many people in close contact with the musician are beginning to fear for his sanity as the frequency and degree of episodes of what could be described as psychotic behaviour increase.

Contacted for comment Soul Jah Love threatened this reporter yet again.

“Kana uri sewe wakandinyora last time. Zvandikuda kuita Pathisani zvishoma pane zvandikuda kukuita. (As for you, you wrote about me the last time. What I want to do to Pathisani is nothing compared to what I have in store for you.)” he shouted before disconnecting the call.

The musician was referring to the publication of an episode during which he threatened to beat Suluman Chimbetu’s manager and the owner of the bar in Mbare.

He accused them of using his name to publicise their show without first getting his agreement. His manager and wife Bounty Lisa said she had agreed on his behalf to be part of the show.

Soul Jah Love was arrested in Mutare for failing to attend a show for which he had been paid. He was in a hotel room where he was alleged to be under the influence of some substance although his manager later claimed that he was going through a diabetic attack.