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Soul Jah Love ‘Secret Lover’ Geraldine Baye Speaks Out

by reporter263

A woman identified as Geraldine Baye, who made headlines in 2015 when alleged chats between her and a friend went viral after being leaked online allegedly revealing how she was trying to make a “rich” businessman love her using rituals has come out claiming to have a ‘secret relationship’ with the late Soul Jah Love.

Geraldine, however, denied that the chats were hers and said someone was trying to tarnish her image.

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She now claims to be Soul Jah Love’s private soulmate. In 2019, the two were, nevertheless, rumoured to be in a relationship and now claims Google reminded her in memories:

” This is all am left with…Memories…You didn’t have to go like that..together times to be cherished…we were so private and so happy no1 knew about us we protected each other we did not let anyone in our home stories.


You taught me to so many things, you gave me a reason to believe in myself again You gave me love you gave me strength in our very peaceful home…you did not want anyone to know about us at first it made me feel some typer way till you showed me the bigger picture.

You were only trying to protect us and it worked #hokoso….you sang Kunyangwe Mukadaro for me and Ndiani anonzi Sauro (so funny how Ndiani anonzi Sauro was composed) and Murwere wepfungwa, you couldn’t wait to get home so you could play the recorded version.

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